The Museum of Everything looks for original artworks by unique individuals.

Submissions can include sketches, drawings, design, paintings, sculptures and installations, of any size, quality, age and material.

We accept works on paper, canvas, cloth, wood, stone and metal, carvings, found objects and sketchbooks. We also welcome large-scale works and unusual formats.

Please bring as many examples of work as possible. One or two images is rarely enough.

We always look for original artwork and do not accept photograph, film or video – unless it documents artists and their artworks – or if the images illustrate an artist’s installation or home or outdoor environment.


The Museum of Everything welcomes all self-taught and non-professional artists, as well as visionary, folkloric and naïve art, anonymous art and discovered material, plus anything which might be described as art brut or outsider art.

We encourage submissions from elderly artists, homeless artists and artists with physical or mental disabilities. We accept work from community centres, church groups, hospitals, mental health institutions, prisons and all NGO organisation.

No-one is excluded from The Museum of Everything – no matter who they are, where they are from or what they create. However, generally we do not exhibit art if it is has been created by professional or academic artists or by art students.


The Museum of Everything will travel to six cities in Australia and a dozen local towns. In each we will spend two days meeting artists and curating a temporary exhibition of their art.

To take part is easy: just turn up with your art.

Please bring as many examples as possible. We will document you and photograph all of your artworks. You will then be invited to meet the panel who will talk to you about your artwork. Conversations are short, friendly and informal.

You will then receive an Official Certification of Participation. The panel will then decide whether to invite you to exhibit your artwork in our local show. If you are selected, we will ask if we can borrow your artwork and return it to you after the show. Some artists may be invited to take part in our final show at the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania (MONA), where we are currently presenting our latest show of historic discoveries from around the world.

All exhibited artists will be included in a book of the project and a documentary film. If you have any questions, please email au@musevery.com.